Random Fandom Musings


Reese: You there, Finch?

Finch: Always, Mr. Reese.

Guh. Why does that hit me in the feels every single time?

Apr 2

I really liked Shaw’s hair at the beginning of last night’s episode. How do I get mine to do that?? And John. If you were to show up at my next high school reunion, maybe it wouldn’t suck. Thanks!

Mar 8

Glad to have you back! Keep well!

Aww, thank you! Yeah, I stepped away for a bit to deal with some personal stuff. Hopefully that’s pretty much resolved, so now I’m back! :)

Mar 7

I popped onto Tumblr for a quick break from writing, and I see these gorgeous photos of Jim Caviezel. Where have these been hiding? Now I’m all distracted!!

Mar 4

Someone asked me if this guy may be the one in the bathtub. I don’t remember when that happened. Thoughts?

Dear Mr. Reese,

Please marry me. My husband totally won’t mind. Much.


Thanks to everyone that sent me get well wishes! I’m feeling 100x better than I did a week ago when all I wanted to do was sleep. Not good with a very active 3-year-old running around! I’m just glad I didn’t get her sick.

Yesterday was my 1-year Tumblr anniversary! I’ve been randomly blogging about random stuff for a year.  A huge thank you to all my followers who have put up with it! :)

Dec 9

Reblog If You Are In The United States and It’s Freakin’ Cold Where You are

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Dec 9

I have been sick with walking pneumonia for a week, coughing my guts up. I’m all mixed up on my days, and I missed Sleepy Hollow. And it’s a balmy -7 degrees outside with snow everywhere, and I’m so over winter already. Blaaaah.

This pointless post has been brought to you by too much cough syrup with codeine.